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Amazing Photos of Life in East Germany

Everyday life in a surreal society.

Plates With Nuclear Plants to Adorn Your Walls

In the past it was windmills...

Newly Discovered Black Sabbath Footage, Germany 1970

Great musicĀ for an awful audience.

Personalized Humorous Maps of European Countries

Some more cool maps for your entertainment.

From Kissing to Wedding in Germany

Get from kissing to wedding in 9 hours.

House Pulled by the Roots in Germany

Karlsruhe's main square is a weird place. This time it's a house pulled by the roots.

Art Installation Gets Parking Ticket in Germany

German ticket wardens do know what law and order is about.

Piss-Proof Walls Introduced in Hamburg, Germany

Shit, I don't wanna piss my shoes.
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