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Animation Shows Route of the First Recorded Ocean Crossing by a Great White Shark

An amazing and historic trip by a white shark.

Amazing Animation of How Earth Breathes

Yes, it's a living planet, and I hope it'll stay like that earthlings.

Why The Sky Is Blue

The sun is shining, the sky is blue... Blue? Why blue?

Are You Part of the 75% That Can Hear This GIF?

Can you hear anything while viewing this GIF? I think I can. Kind of...

Plants That Survive Wildfires – Animated

Don't you play with me, cause you play with fire.

How Vegetation in Europe Changes Through the Year

Apparently, only part of Europe is evergreen. And it's the West, of course.

Amazing GIF: Which Way Is She Turning?

I’m looking and looking but cannot tell.

Kid Enjoys Music a Lot

Hah, I want that music.

Aurora Boarealis

This is what's going on in our backyard at the moment.
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