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Google Translate App Now Allows You To Translate With Your Camera

You can actually translate all foreign text around you with your camera.

What People Think About Your City

How much your city is cool/not cool.

Hey You

There's no escape anymore, thanks to modern technology.

What Googling Looked Like 100 Years Ago

Googling 100 years ago.

T-Rex Attacked By Flamingos On Google Campus

Flamingos are going tougher and tougher.

Google Business View Takes You Inside Colorado Pot Shops

Look around in a legal pot shop by courtesy of Google.

The Surreal Dreams of Google’s Artificial Intelligence

RE: the previous post, here's what this Google Deep Dream is all about.

Google Deep Dream Turns ‘Fear and Loathing’ Into an Even Nastier Trip

I never thought you could take 'Fear and Loathing' even further, and that it would be Google that does so.

Cost Obsessions Around the World

Slaves, kidneys and in vitro fertilization are among the more controversial country search queries.


Just press 'T'.

Google Classic

Yeah, I remember those times. We had to go to libraries and that kind of stuff...
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