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The Funniest Use of the GoPro Camera Ever

GoPro capturing music.

GoPro: Turtle’s Eye View of the Great Barrier Reef

Thanks to GoPro, here’s what the journey through the Great Barrier Reef looks like for a turtle.

Master Kayaker Chases World’s Most Challenging Waterfalls

I’ve experienced a few things in kayaks, but this goes beyond everything.

GoPro: Rémy Métailler Taxco Downhill

Remember that insane ski run by Candide Tovex? This is something similar, but with a mountain bike.

GoPro Camera Inside Coffee Roaster Machine

Your coffee beans in the sauna.

Astronauts Put A GoPro Camera Inside a Water Bubble

NASA astronauts “submerged” a GoPro camera into a floating ball of water and recorded the activity with a 3-D camera.

Fly Over Paris on the Back of an Eagle

We already had a flight on the back of an eagle, but this time we are in Paris.

The World from the Angle of a Hardcore Drummer

Ever wondered what the world might look like for a hardcore drummer? Now you can experience that via GoPro.  (Extracted by ufonaut Bence)

Race the Tube

Run Forrest, Run! Race the Circle Line from Mansion House to Cannon Street! This reminds me of the Hungarian film Kontroll (Control), which you can watch with English subs here. It is also an organic follow up to our earlier posts Underground Clubbing and Run Walter, Run!

Run Walter, Run!

Yes, run! I love GoPro.

Squirrels Love GoPro

 I knew sqirrels love nuts, but GoPro cameras…? And so much – I mean hard?

Extreme Lift Cable Skiing

Skiing on the cables of a ski lift with a parachute over your shoulders? I would say cool.
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