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Musical Effects As Rabbits

Rabbits are in effect cool.

Amazing ‘Slo-Mo’ Guitar String Vibrations Captured From Inside Guitar

Actually, this isn't fake. But it takes an iPhone for guitar strings to oscillate like that.

The Art of Knolling

I knoll an electric guitar you must see.

Chewbacca’s Voice Recreated on Guitar

Haha, that's cool.

This Guy Has a Guitar in His Mouth

That guitar solo is priceless.

Air Drums vs. Air Guitar

As an old metal fan, I've played the air guitar a lot, but this is something completely different.

Dragon Lizard Plays Leaf Guitar

I'd never have thought that our post with the lizard on a sofa would have a sequel to it.

No Hands Guitarist

Here's a follow-up to our earlier post on the one-handed guitarist.

10-Year-Old Girl’s Amazing Guitar Cover Of Slayer

Ufonaut Benyo is back from a tour of Metalia and brought an amazing video on how little kids there play the guitar there.

10 Ways to Hold a Guitar (for Beginners)

I am very good at these but still only know 3 accords (after playing the guitar for more than 20 years).

Close Up On Everyday Things (Vinyl, Guitar String, Banana, etc.)

No, this isn't my flying saucer taking off.
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