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Android Version History: A Visual Timeline

I never noticed anything.

Early 80s Computer History Through Vintage Ads

A collection of benchmark vintage ads that give a glimpse into how the computer industry developed in the early 80s.

Stunning Color Photos of Life in Imperial Russia

Take a thorough look at Imperial Russia, just before the Russian Revolution.

What the Known World Looked Like When Jesus Christ Was Crucified

The world Jesus lived (and died) in.

Inside a Six-Floor Edwardian Home

Life on six floors in a wealthy Edwardian town house.

How Words Spread Along Trade Routes

How words used to spread. Back then.

Zoom in on the Natural Environment of Cold War USSR

Zoom in on the USSR's nature or what.

The Known World in 1490, 1550 & 1800

How the size of the known world changed over the centuries.

The Richest People in History on an Amazing Infographic

It's still happening while it shouldn't be happening.

History of Planet Earth

From the Big Bang to the Human Bang.

Historical Photos of Native Americans at the White House for Citizenship in the 1920s and 30s

I don't know but the Native Americans photographed at the Lincoln memorial don't seem to be natives to me. What do you think?
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