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The Known World in 1490, 1550 & 1800

How the size of the known world changed over the centuries.

The Richest People in History on an Amazing Infographic

It's still happening while it shouldn't be happening.

History of Planet Earth

From the Big Bang to the Human Bang.

Historical Photos of Native Americans at the White House for Citizenship in the 1920s and 30s

I don't know but the Native Americans photographed at the Lincoln memorial don't seem to be natives to me. What do you think?

A Brief History of Knight Armor

The evolution of armor through the middle ages and on.

Liverpool in the 80s

What was Liverpool like in the 80s? Dirty, dirty, dirty.

What Hitler Wants Us To Believe

Will he ever be gone for good?

Amazing 3D Relief Map of Austria-Hungary

The moment before Europe exploded.

New York City in 1971

New York almost 50 years ago (ouch).

How the Shape of the Percieved World Changed Over the Centuries

Yeah, the world is changing, but so much?

Population of Europe in 1444

Some surprises there.

The Ever Changing History of Change Management

Chain management, I mean...
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