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Amazing Visualizations of the Human Footprint

Man, you gotta calm down.

What Happens to Your Body in Space

Why you earthlings need to work out in space - all the time.

The (Not That) Great Variety of Brains

Variations of gray matter.

Human Choice Cuts

"On a similar note I must confess to you, I'm giving very serious thought... to eating your wife."

The Faces of Early Man

Earthlings, I love these old photos of YOU.

Man’s Response to Vibrations

Scientists are now making up for the shortcomings of this one.

Topography of Social Touching

Where you (don't) touch us.

The Human Skateboard: Did it Hurt?

I think it did.

Fish With Human Teeth and Their Alien Friends You Wouldn’t Believe Exist

Fishmen and other fishy aliens. (Shite, these guys have much better teeth than I do.)

Liquid Limbs: The Arteries In Your Appendages

Somewhat related to the previous post but in another way: You are liquid.

Ingredients of the Human Body

You are 68% air humans...
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