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Amazing 3D Relief Map of Austria-Hungary

The moment before Europe exploded.

The Trash of Budapest

Trash delivery from Hungary's capital.

Rare Uncensored Photos of the 80s Counterculture in Socialist Hungary

Rebellious youth from when/where I was a child.

King Size Fly Agaric Found in Hungary

I mean kid size.

Priest in Hungarian Town Teaches Kids How to Skateboard

Otherworldy skateboard tricks from a thisworldy and very funny priest.

Budapest (I mean Buda & Pest) in 1617

The twofold division of Budapest during the threefold division of Hungary.

The Rowdiest Kiss in Human History

Our parents knew how to party too.

Hundreds of Deer Crossing Road in Hungary

They keep coming for almost 4 minutes…

Awesome Abandoned Places in Hungary

 Some of these places are creepy as hell.

Fire Hydrant Drinking Fountain

A great idea to make use of all those lonesome fire hydrants...

Smiling School to Tackle Suicides

Something that could come in handy in today's Hungary too.
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