Tag: illustration

Amazing Illustrations of Life on Mars

Here's what a human Martian base could look like.

Vintage Cutaway Illustrations of How Different Industries Work

These vintage cutaways show you how everything was made a while back.

A Day in the Life of a Russian Bench

There is an animated version too.

Cutaway Illustrations of Vintage Airplanes

A glimpse into vintage flights.

Types of Home Steam Baths on Amazing Vintage Infographic

I need a 'bain de vapor total' right now.

This is What Would Happen if You Actually Had a Dinosaur

Planning to keep a dinosaur as a pet?

Actual Anatomy of the Sarlacc Pit

I've always tried to stay out of this thing.

Inside an Elizabethan Sailing Ship

Peep inside a sailing ship from the height of the Elizabethan era.

Best Illustration of Ohm’s Law Ever

Was it that simple all the time?

Man’s Response to Vibrations

Scientists are now making up for the shortcomings of this one.

A Cool Rendering of Geological Time

Geology explained in a cool way.
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