Tag: India

The Living Root Bridges of India

Centuries-old bridges grown from tangled roots.

Street Levels of India

Cool this way too.

Goa on Ancient Maps and Illustrations

Find out what Goa looked like before the hippies arrived.

Weird But Funny Sketchbook Art

Weirdness can be funny, believe me.

Taj Mahal Panoramas

Look around at the Taj Mahal with the help of these beautiful panoramas.

Top Gear Provokes Fate in India

The way Richard Hammond looks at Jeremy Clarkson explains everything.

Skilled Indian Loads JCB on Truck

You won't believe how he goes about it...

Reverse Driver: Indian Man Drives Car Backwards On Busy Highways

I guess this guy saw Naked Gun and got enlightened.

National Flags Made of National Foods

Sorry to see that the US culinary experience is seen to come down to hot dogs (why not hamburgers???), but this is a tasty collection anyway.
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