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Results of the Nearby Galaxies Survey

Will you find my galaxy, the Sombrero?

The Mathematics Trench

It goes all the way down to maths hell.

The People Who Had the Most Influence on Western Society

I wish Diogenes was among them.

Incredibly Detailed Map of the Roman Empire in 211 AD

Ancient Rome in detail.

Amazing Visualizations of the Human Footprint

Man, you gotta calm down.

History of Human Migration In(to) Europe Visualized

Apparently, human migation into Europe is not a new thing, lol.

Different Sorts of Punk

The meaning of "steampunk, raypunk, cyberpunk and even atompunk."

How Much Resources it Takes to Have One Pound of Beef

The beef of it is that it is killer...

Water Worlds in the Solar System That Might Host Life

Some of those water worlds are much more interesting than Kevin Costner's.

Nintendo: Now You’re Playing With Power!

N'intend do any harm.

The Chemistry of Different Foods

Some chemical advice from us for an Earthly Christmas.
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