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30 Hilarious Ideas to Make School Cool

I wish we had these back in my day.

The Most Impactful Invention from Every U.S. State

Haha, you gotta love North Dakota for giving us Cream of Wheat...

Cool Inventions That (Would) Really Make Our Lives Easier

These are so cool. Why don't we see more of them in our everyday lives?

Air Bonsai: Levitating Mini Trees

Yes, this is for real.

Incredible Camper Folds Out to Triple its Size

Check out how fabulous it looks. Why isn't this thing mass produced?

Digital Sundial (That You Can 3D Print Yourself)

Have a happy one with this one:)

Prisoners’ Inventions With Assembly Instructions

Human creativity is awesome.

Air Drums vs. Air Guitar

As an old metal fan, I've played the air guitar a lot, but this is something completely different.

Yamaha Design Teams Swap Roles

Wow, this God of Thunder Drums prototype rocks, and so does the rest.

Solar Powered 3D Printer

This guy prints glass from the desert for free.
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