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Japanese Retro Future Utopia From 1969

Any Japanese folks here ended up like that in '89?

Japanese Diver Has Been Visiting His Fish Buddy For 25 Years

Louis, I think this is the climax of a beautiful friendship.

Vacuum Cleaner Meets Harmonica

You have to hear it / see it. It happened in Japan, where else?

The Yakuza: Some Real Photos by Anton Kusters

The Yakuza for real.

Capsule Homes in Japan

Living in a capsule with an unopened bottle of champaigne and a surgical mask on?

Stereoscopic Animated GIFs from Japan 1895-1910

Japan after the samurai - in stereo.

The Last of the Samurai

The last photos of real samurai and their courtesans in the final days of feudal Japan.

Man Takes Giant Tortoise Out for a Stroll in Tokyo

If you are in Tokyo, don't be surprised to see a man taking a giant tortoise for a walk.

The Last Farmer in Fukushima’s Post-Nuclear Wasteland

He went back to take care of the animals and...

Japan’s Disposal Workers: Net Cafe Refugees

Meanwhile in developed Japan.

Real-Life Thomas the Tank Engine Spotted in Japan

Gosh, if I show this to my daughter, I'll need to buy plane tickets to Japan soon (photo by AP).
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