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Mowgli Girl

The facts that she was raised in the wild and that she resembles our own daughter quite a bit instinctively made me worried when I first saw these pictures.

Rave Party for Kids 1997

Despite all my past in the party scene, I must admit I find this a little bit disturbing.

Home Made (Into) Swimming Pool

These Russian kids are crazy...

Creepiest Diary Ever

 This must be one of the creepiest diaries ever written on Planet Earth indeed.

Dutch Artist Reincarnates Childhood Drawings

This guy takes his childhood doodles seriously, and with a reason.

Reasons My Son Is Crying

Although this little guy is not crying at the moment, this site does feature kids crying by default - and with the reason indicated. BTW, this sounded a bit ambigous: I meant "features by default", and not "kids crying by default", but it may as well have come from my uncounscious (we have two small kids). Anyway, the whole thing...

Weapon of Choice

A great graphic demonstration of the invisible pain caused by verbal abuse.

Kids With Guns

Kids with guns in the US telling what they are afraid of. Well, I am afraid of them...
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