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Linguistic Map of Europe

Where different European languages are spoken by the majority of the population.

The Evolution of Computer Programming Language

Wow, the National Weather Service is still using an 1957 programming language?

Things You Can Tell From People’s Body Language

Everybody, I see you:)

Guy Nails Every English Accent

Acting the maggot.

Old Ways of Flirtation From When There Were No Emoticons

Emoticons are getting increasingly complicated, but life wasn’t easy in the old days either.

The Scottish Dialect Translator

A magic piece of cloth for when you are in Alba.

An Introduction to Cockney Rhyming Slang

If you get too Brahms and Liszt tonight, you'll be Tom and Dick tomorrow.

Teen (Gang) Slang in 1961 from Ace to Zips

Hey little bird, pick up. Drop that ace and jump in your gorilla vine.
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