These Creative LEGO Constructions Interact With Their Environment

Somebody played LEGO again, and played it well.

LEGO Portraits To Be Looked At From Far Away

Let me see. Somebody played LEGO again?

Turn Your Hand Into LEGO

Be your own LEGO.

Star Wars LEGO Super Star Destroyer Shattered at 1000 fps

Built for weeks, destroyed in a second.

Amputee Makes Prosthetic Leg Out of Legos

Somebody played LEGO again, but this time it is somewhat different.

Escher in LEGO

Interestingly, it works with LEGO too.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2014: Ayahuasca LEGO Set

I am not sure I would buy this for my kids. They are well under seven.

LEGO Felt Tip Printer

Man, this must require a lot of determination.

Acid House Generator Made of LEGO

 Somebody played LEGO and there was acid.
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