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Layers of London Discovered During Construction of Crossrail

Digging in London's underground past.

Aerial Map of the London Underground

The Underground from above the ground.

Shipwreck Map of the River Thames

Ships sleeping in the riverbed of the Thames.

Argotopolis: A Map of London Slang

Slang from the Plate o’ Meat.

London on Amazing Old (and New) Maps

All that can (could) happen to London.

Amazing Maps of Medieval Cities

How your city looked in the Middle Ages.

How to Stop People from Littering

You will know where to put your butt.

Rain Room: Control the Weather

Finally, there is a way to control the weather.

Unusual Designs for New Thames Bridge in London

I love this one and there are some other great ones too.

Bike Paths in Abandoned Tube Tunnels: The London Underline

Nice idea for a city that has surplus underground channels.

Race the Tube

Run Forrest, Run! Race the Circle Line from Mansion House to Cannon Street! This reminds me of the Hungarian film Kontroll (Control), which you can watch with English subs here. It is also an organic follow up to our earlier posts Underground Clubbing and Run Walter, Run!

Underground Clubbing: Should all London tubes have a night club on board?

Of course they should. And they all should have a guy like that in the background, with a sword, shield and all.
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