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Lifting and Spanking Machine

Build your butty!

Swimming Taught Far From Water

The perfect device to make your kid(s) detest swimming.

How to Seal an Envelope with Your Tears (Without Touching It)

This machhine will make you cry.

What if Mozart Had a Printer

Dot matrix printers can play music well. Really well.

Barbie Gum Machine

Yes, for real. A bubble gum machine with Barbie heads.

Red Bull Propelled Vine Machine by Zach King

I don’t like Red Bull but apparently it does give things wings.

The Minimum Wage Machine

Finally, a way to end unemployment.

The Page Turner

I definitely need to build this machine for my morning paper.

The Dream Machine

Has anybody tried this? If yes, we would be curious to hear about their user experience.

The Most Beautiful Machine

...and then I came across this. Man, did it come in handy (BTW a must-have for all households).

The Dirty Punk Fuckin’ Anarchy Machine

One of my favourite machines.
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