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Population of Europe in 1444

Some surprises there.

Fossil Map of Alaska and the Yukon

I'm not Alaskan or Yukonese (but I love this).

This is How Much Land it Would Take If We All Lived Like People in These Countries

How much Earth it would take if we all lived like that country...

3D Reconstruction of Imperial Rome

Love this 3D model. Nice job.

Literal Map of the United Kingdom

Haha, I've spent some time in the Town on the Breast-Like Hill.

Incredibly Detailed Map of the Roman Empire in 211 AD

Ancient Rome in detail.

Which Countries Drink The Most Coffee?

The Netherlands? I think I need more coffee now.

Silicon Valley in 1982

In the beginning there was... Well, there were a lot of things already.

Mapping the World’s Population by Latitude and Longitude

There are some interesting patterns to spot there.

Usability Map of Australia

A great example of how capitalists see the world.