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How the Shape of the Percieved World Changed Over the Centuries

Yeah, the world is changing, but so much?

Where People Run in Major Cities Around the US

What parts of US cities are runnable?

History of Human Migration In(to) Europe Visualized

Apparently, human migation into Europe is not a new thing, lol.

Literal Meaning of Country Names

So what do you think about your country's name? Sound or not?

What the World Looked Like When Jesus Christ Was Crucified

Apparently, Iberia and Albania have been relocated since (?)

Europe at the End of the Ice Age

When Europe was (even more) united.

Accessibility of Cities Around the World

Traveling time to the nearest city.

The World’s Most Pirate Laden Regions Since 2001

Pirates are up, up, up.

All the World’s Immigration Visualized in One Interactive Map

That's really informative and spectacular at the same time.

Hey You

There's no escape anymore, thanks to modern technology.