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Paylist of the Original Woodstock Playlist

Not bad, Jimi, for finally waking up:)

Metal Bands Per 1 Million Inhabitants in South America

Where are the most metalheads in South America?

Wham vs. Slayer Rulez

Who would have thought so?

Ten Great Years of the Beatles

A history of beatwear.

Listen to the First Ever Computer Generated Music from 1951

In the beginning, you needed this thing to make computer music.

Vocal Ranges of the World’s Greatest Singers


Just Act Natural, No One Will Notice

When you went to the event without your trumpet.

What Music Does to Your Brain, Part 2

Musical brainwash types.

Musical Effects As Rabbits

Rabbits are in effect cool.

Big Four Plays “Am I Evil?” Together!

A great eviliation of the past 30 years or so. When Metallica let Mustaine back on stage.

Anatomy of Different Music Genres

...with special regard to my loved ones, EDM and heavy metal.
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