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Literal Map of the United Kingdom

Haha, I've spent some time in the Town on the Breast-Like Hill.

Literal Meaning of Country Names

So what do you think about your country's name? Sound or not?

Weirdest & Most Lewd-Sounding Place Names in the USA

What Cheer... I mean, Whynot?

Places in Norway That Are Named After Hell

The dark side of Norway.

European Country Names in Navajo (Coined as WWII Codes)

Navajo expressions for European countries born as a result of the war started by the iron hat people.

The Clans of Ireland & Scotland

You might find your name there.

Possible EU Leaving Names for Different European Countries

Czech-out under what names European countries could be leaving the EU.

Where in Ireland is Your Name From?

Where all those Irish-sounding names come from.

The Names Behind the States

The Caliphate, the enemy and the sleeping ones. Etymology of US state names.

The Magnificent Map of Rap Names

Hey yo, here's a detailed guide to the semantics of rap names.

Most Popular Female Names of USA by State/Year

The 70's were special for Jennifers.