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Amazing Photos That Accidentally Look Like Renaissance Art

Does the Golden Ratio make these photos golden?

How to Tell Who Painted That Painting

Oh Lord, would've I known this before never visiting all those museums...

Cool Absurd Art Some People Want to Burn

Mind blogging, I mean boggling.

Classic Paintings Reanimated In Amazing Ways

I do hope I adhere to all the rules of the New Internet, despite posting this.

Most Expensive Paintings by Country

I love those paintings being showcased this way.

Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold

Picasso only the 7th? Surprise…

Paintings Manipulated with Objects or Vice Versa (?)

These paintings are objective. Really.

Funny Renderings of Budapest Life & Nightlife by Marcus Goldson

These illustrations of Budapest life & nightlife really hit the bull's eye.

Classical Paintings Redone as Today’s Youth by Today’s Youth

Historical paintings made up-to-date.

Star Wars and 1920’s Polish Rural Life Combined

1920's Polish military technology seems to have been rather developed.

Artist Reworks Old Thrift Store Paintings

An artist finds old and/or discarded thrift store paintings and revives them by adding new characters, LOL.