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Guy Photoshops Himself Into Celebrity Photos and Makes Them Funny

The Angelina Sandwich and other cool recipes.

Perceptions of Beauty Around the World

These are more than interesting, even though some of them look as if I had done the photoshopping myself...

Photoshop Live: The Street Retouch Prank

This all happened in a bus stop on a sunny afternoon.

Delete Tourists from Your Travel Photos

We like this cunning little hack for Photoshop, and are trying it out.

Signs from the Near Future

Yes, this definitely feels like tomorrow.

Impossible Photography by Erik Johansson

This is way cool.

Impossible Photography by Argentinean Photoshop Wizard

While some people use Photoshop to make themselves look better, this guy uses it to make himself look weird.

Private Moments of the Royal Family Photoshopped

We are not into peeping, but mesmerized that this can be done.

Colorized Photos from the Past

Color photos from the times when there were no color photos.

Photoshop as Art

I think the time is ripe to add photoshopping to the traditional family of visual arts. And this particular picture is proof that Photoshop arists do indeed have a hard time until they reach this kind of level. (Here is another set from the same guy.)

Fountain of Age

Wishing my old buddy Dr Blazej all the best for his 40's with a good old contest worth 1000 (.com)
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