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How High Are Deep Lakes?

There's something high up there.

What 200 Calories Mean Broken Down to Different Foods

Celery all the way, LOL.

Oldest Trees in the World

Oh Old Tjikko, you'll survive us all.

Liverpool in the 80s

What was Liverpool like in the 80s? Dirty, dirty, dirty.

Click Bait Old Testament

Thanks for the click:)

Results of the Nearby Galaxies Survey

Will you find my galaxy, the Sombrero?

How a Cut Heals

I'll look at my cuts differently from now on.

Venice Beach Rollerskaters 1979

Cool pics from the time when rollerskating got big.

New York’s Chinatown in the 1970s

New York's Chinatown when I've never been there.

Most Amazing Galaxies in the Universe

Home, sweet home.
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