Tag: portraits

The Beautiful Diversity of Women

Watch out for the easter egg.

Bizarre Rubber Band Portraits Show Human Anatomy in a Unique Way

Those are some band members. Some rubber band members...

Colorized Photos of Ellis Island Immigrants From 100 Years Ago

Not sure whether they were coming from shithole countries or not.

LEGO Portraits To Be Looked At From Far Away

Let me see. Somebody played LEGO again?

What the Average European Man Looks Like Country by Country

European countries face to face.

Artist Uses Makeup to Transform Herself into Stars

This lady... oh boy...

Veils Don’t Hide Faces

On the contrary: they make faces.

Incredible Portraits Drawn on Maps

There are faces hidden in maps, yes there are...

Portraits of New Zealand Gang Members Will Give You Shivers

I don't understand the Nazi regalia though...
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