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Badass Photos of Soviet-Era Punks and Metalheads

Shock to the system.

Different Sorts of Punk

The meaning of "steampunk, raypunk, cyberpunk and even atompunk."

Rare Uncensored Photos of the 80s Counterculture in Socialist Hungary

Rebellious youth from when/where I was a child.

10 Coolest Punk Hairstyles

Haha, pretty wicked. It even involves a car.

The Text Pistols

How many of you punks have a smartass phone?

A Great Collection of Old Punk Flyers

If you have been to any of these, please do let us know...

Nuns Performing Exorcism on a Punk

Man, and they say punks are aggressive… Well, check this out.

Britain’s Aging Rebels

They are father and son, but it's not always inherited.

Anarchy in the Fb

This left me dumbfounded and smiling.

Punk vs. Metal

I have fancied these genres for quite a while, so it is nice to be reminded of the differences. But the fusion of the two (aka Motörhead) is even better.

The Dirty Punk Fuckin’ Anarchy Machine

One of my favourite machines.
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