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The Real Meaning Behind Different Traffic Signs

From now on, I'll look behind traffic signs, too.

Pluto vs. Australia: How Big (Small) Pluto Really Is

I think I now have an idea about how big (small) Pluto is.

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna matata for real (?)

A Real Cowgirl

Girl riding cow like a horse... for real...

Determine Your Pet’s True Age

Two charts to help you determine your pet’s real age in human years, be it a cat or a dog.

Social Media in Real Life

Social media reenacted in real life for you to draw the conclusions.

Yes, This is For Real

Well, the submitter swore on his life so I'm prone to believe him.

Real-Life Thomas the Tank Engine Spotted in Japan

Gosh, if I show this to my daughter, I'll need to buy plane tickets to Japan soon (photo by AP).

Watch the Cyber War in Real Time (And Even in 3D)

The Cyber War continues while I’ve been released from the bodily prison of Christmas cakes.

Escher for Real

Some people here tried to model Escher's drawings. I think the results are mixed, sometimes even disillusioning (at least for the layman that I am, who didn't know the tricks). Nevertheless, the whole thing is utterly interesting (alas a bit technical).
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