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Japanese Retro Future Utopia From 1969

Any Japanese folks here ended up like that in '89?

8-Bit Computer Collectible Trump Cards

These trump cards are wild cards.

Nintendo: Now You’re Playing With Power!

N'intend do any harm.

How We Started Using the Internet

Haha, I'm an Internet pioneer after all.

Find the Panda: Black Metal, Star Wars and Retro Versions

Find the panda (before the year ends).

Subway dancin’: Break Dance RULEZ

A long forgotten gem from the 80's.

Brand New Untouched Kitchen from the 1950s

A kitchen from the '50s that has never been used.

50 Photos from the Past

Some oddities from the past. I think I need to try this one on now, otherwise I'll fall asleep.


BTW this GoPro thing is not new at all (see earlier post with eagle). Here is a post from a Hungarian blog that says it was invented by a German pharmacist called Julius Gustav Neubronner as early as 1852. He strapped his cameras on pigeons and won a lot of awards - but never a penny out of it....
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