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Interesting Pop Rock Metal Music Facts

I knew but I didn't suspect.

Will They Survive The 70’s?

I did, but I had the advantage of being born then.

Evolution of the Rock Concert Audience

Rock concert audiences rock - up until about 2015.

The Zimmers: Old People Rock

Hey, that one over there still looks intact...! Haha, cool stuff.

Britain’s Aging Rebels

They are father and son, but it's not always inherited.

The Rock Timeline

These timelines rock.

JACKO vs. HOBO BLUES BAND – The way you make me Bill

A popular Hungarian blues rock band feat. Jacko:)

Best Keyboard Drum Solo Ever

It really starts after 1 minute, but you have to see it all. This is rock and roll.

A Visual Compendium of Guitars

These are all actual models. I’d love to try the 5-neck one of the Cheap Trick guy.

10 Ways to Hold a Guitar (for Beginners)

I am very good at these but still only know 3 accords (after playing the guitar for more than 20 years).
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