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A Guide to Black Slang from 1976

This coon caricature and black slang dictionary originally appeared in an 1976 issue of Playboy. Thoughts?

1940s Teen Slang

I hope I'm a go giver.

Northern Irish Dialect Translator

Seems boggin', mingin', mankin'?  No, it's actually stickin' out.

An Introduction to Cockney Rhyming Slang

If you get too Brahms and Liszt tonight, you'll be Tom and Dick tomorrow.

Argotopolis: A Map of London Slang

Slang from the Plate o’ Meat.

Teen (Gang) Slang in 1961 from Ace to Zips

Hey little bird, pick up. Drop that ace and jump in your gorilla vine.

Guide to British Slang

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