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Hierarchy of the Modern State

Are you sitting well?

An Interesting Social Experiment: How People React to Domestic Violence

As a man, I find this is truly shocking...

Surveillance Society 2.0: Your Face is Big Data

fck, this is getting weird

Prisons vs. Schools in California

We need more educated people and not prisoners.

World Map of Stereotypes

I (we) will have this on my (our) wall.

How Smartphones Have Taken Over Our Lives

Funny and thought-provoking illustrations highlighting our addiction to mobile phones.

Chinese Families Photographed With All Their Belongings

Amazing people in amazing locations, but with amounts of possessions that should make us Westerners feel ashamed.

The Periodic Table of Elements (And What They Are Used For)

Finally a Periodic Table of Elements that makes sense to me.

Don’t Measure a Woman’s Worth by Her Clothes

I guess men are judged by their clothes too, but the scale has less extremes.

Japan’s Disposal Workers: Net Cafe Refugees

Meanwhile in developed Japan.

Does Money Make You Mean?

This must be the reason why I'm not mean at all.
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