Tag: Soviet

Badass Photos of Soviet-Era Punks and Metalheads

Shock to the system.

Chernobyl Before and After Pictures

Sad and creepy photos showing Chernobyl and its surroundings before and after the explosion in '86.

How the Soviets Killed East Europeans (Financially)

Europe's financial demarkation line.

Soviet Outdoor Disco from 1989

Somehow I wouldn't want this party.

Soviet Catalog from 1981

Anybody recalls owning any of these? I do.

Soviet Dog Spacesuit from Sputnik 5 Mission in 1961

I don't think the dog liked it, but decide for yourself.

Similar Propaganda Posters from the USSR and the Third Reich

Excuse me for the joke included.

Robots Meet Old Soviet Life

Meet the Soviet Atomic Troll.

Weird Cars from the Soviet Union

The Soviets had a taste for weird cars.
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