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Where People Run in Major Cities Around the US

What parts of US cities are runnable?

The Transparent Kayak

Yak, yak, I want this kayak.

Weird Classic Olympic Sports

Wanna enroll to the Olympics as a poet.

Crazy Wingsuit Flight

No, that's not Batman spread out on a rock, but almost…

Dominik Sky “Window Jumps” 2014

As you can see it does get weird a couple of times, but the guy is great.

Moto Trials Riding Through Giant Igloo

Moto trials in an ice hotel in Finland...

Wingsuit Precision Flight Through Chilean Flag

This guy has balls. Big balls.

Nooooo… Don’t!

Another crazy skier captured (on film).

Nuclear Tower Base Jump

I think he survived it.

Mothership Spacenet by the Moab Monkeys

They guys set up a 'spacenet' over a canyon in Utah at a height of 400 ft to relax and BASE jump. Better than watching TV.

Candide Thovex Insane Ski Run

Who would have thought that some humans can actually ski like that?

Best Ski Line of 2014

“From there, sir? Are you sure?”
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