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Baby Girl With Down Syndrome Gets Adopted By Single Dad After Being Rejected By 20 Families

The 20 potential adoptive families that rejected her all missed her charm.

Guess What This Is

Weird things can happen while taking a stroll along the lakeside...

Best Business Card Ever

How to be seen these days.

Why a Dollar is Called a ‘Buck’

This story is worth a buck or two.

Went Deer Fishing in Alaska

Oh, deer...

The Boy and the Bear

This will leave you dumbfounded.

A Close Encounter With a Leopard Seal

Uhh, this is some serious stuff. I guess the guy was really shitting himself...

Old Lady Feeds Squirrels With Marionette of Herself

A story only life can write...

The Glory Days of the Telephone

"Mr. Watson, come here; I want you!" Rings a Bell?

Cowboy on Horseback Lassoes Bike Thief

Only in America...
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