Tag: story

Guess What This Is

Weird things can happen while taking a stroll along the lakeside...

Best Business Card Ever

How to be seen these days.

Why a Dollar is Called a ‘Buck’

This story is worth a buck or two.

Went Deer Fishing in Alaska

Oh, deer...

The Boy and the Bear

This will leave you dumbfounded.

A Close Encounter With a Leopard Seal

Uhh, this is some serious stuff. I guess the guy was really shitting himself...

Old Lady Feeds Squirrels With Marionette of Herself

A story only life can write...

The Glory Days of the Telephone

"Mr. Watson, come here; I want you!" Rings a Bell?

Cowboy on Horseback Lassoes Bike Thief

Only in America...

An Island is Born Below Boaters

Gosh, what the heck is thatĀ over there?
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