Tag: street art

Amazing Perspectival Street Art on a Berlin Fence

Whoever did this was a genius.

The Art of Environment Modding

Make it a maze in (your rear bumper and everything).

Street Art: Room of the Astronomer

Cool street modding by a cool street mason.

Best of the World’s sTREEt Art

Banksy's classic and other excellent wall treetments.

Amazing 3D Trash Animals Reclaim the City

So much better to see trash like that instead of dumped in the forests.

History of Banksy’s Graffiti Art

The story behind some of Banksy's most iconic pieces.

Monster Truck Mural Rulez

Just arrived home...

Transparent Street Art from the Czech Republic

I see through this.

Street Artist Makes Graffiti Legible

Imagine you are a tagger and someone deciphers your name...

Downside Up: Shoes Defying Gravity Spotted in East London

The art of shoe tossing redefined.

Is this Art or Vandalism?

Check this out. What do you think?
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