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Raving ’88-89: When Partying Went Tech

Mementos of the birth of techno/acid/trance.

Berliner Trance: An Amazing Documentary About an Amazing Trance Scene (1993)

This amazing rarity was shot 1 year before I attended my first party, and 2 years before I organized my first one...

My Goa Movie: Goa Trip in 1991

The history of (psy)trance backtracked to 1991.

DJ Air

Hope you guys don’t do that when you DJ.

DJ Trading Cards from 1996

With a deep sigh and a shrug of shoulders I tagged this post as vintage.

The Evolution of Electronic Music

Yeah, what the f*ck happened so that all this came to life?

The Guide to Electronic Music

I’m not sure when this was made but it does ring a bell (and here is a very detailed chart to go with it).

The Dummy Guide to Acid House

"This is acid: the sound of the TB-303."

After Party

This reminds me of my childhood. I guess I could be one of them.

Year 2057

Ouch, can this be true? Is this what awaits us in the future?

Rave Party for Kids 1997

Despite all my past in the party scene, I must admit I find this a little bit disturbing.

Pipe Guy

Here’s proof that you can actually play techno live.
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