Tag: technology

Put Your Pendrive into Kim Jong Un’s Mouth

Who can put the biggest pendrive into Kim Jong Un' mouth?

Can You Find the Woman in These Pictures?

Can you spot the woman at work?

The Attention-Sucking Power of Smartphones

Watching this on mobile?

The History of Headphones

The Coming of the Earpieces.

World’s First Climate-Controlled Neighborhood Is Set to Be Built In Dubai

Could every major city in the world be like that by the end of the century?

SIM Cards Are Actually Miniature Computers

I wonder why this is kind of kept as a secret.

Why the 10 MB Hard Disk Was a Great Novelty

You think it was the worst investment ever? Well, no, unless you had enough space and time to reboot...

Watch Out

Watch the air around you.

Then and Meow: How Technology Has Changed Cats’ Lives

Poor cats suffer more from technology than we do.

New Real-Time Video Manipulation Technology is Both Impressive and Terrifying

The stuff is just as terrifying as it is impressive...

Incredible Camper Folds Out to Triple its Size

Check out how fabulous it looks. Why isn't this thing mass produced?

World’s Last Audio Cassette Factory

Audio cassettes are still alive and doing well.
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