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Know Your Penguins

The Macaroni, the Rockhopper, the Fairy and the rest of 'em cuties.

Wild West Fire Types to Prepare Your Dinner

Cool ways to prepare your dinner when you're out there.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

AI! I mean ouch!

Most Despised Work Personalities

Please don't send me an email.

Types of Aliens Reported

How you see us aliens, earthlings.

The Brutally Honest MBTI Chart

Which loathsome waste of oxygen are you?

Size Comparison of Different Wolves

All those wolves.

Different Types of Human Tears Under the Microscope

That's very intearesting.

Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History

Apparently there was glory for all types of women throughout history, the only question being when…

Marriage Types According to the Bible

It was pretty harsh for women in those times.

Old School UFOs

If I remember well, I had a Cigar-type in those days.
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