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Odd Place Names in the British Isles

A nasty little map of the British Isles.

Liverpool in the 80s

What was Liverpool like in the 80s? Dirty, dirty, dirty.

Literal Map of the United Kingdom

Haha, I've spent some time in the Town on the Breast-Like Hill.

The Farm in the Middle of the Highway

Farmin(g) the highway.

Places in the UK Where Nobody Lives

No surprises there. The UK is almost full.

Twelve Ways to Divide the UK

Funarchy in the UK.

The Shortest Route for the Longest Pub Crawl: Visit All UK Pubs in One Go

A lovely solution to an old scientific problem.

What Bugged the US & UK at the Beginning of WW2

Could someone enlighten me on what the 'Joint Problem' actually was?

Woodpecker Flying with Weasel on Its Back

This was shot by a lucky guy in Essex yesterday.

National Flags Made of National Foods

Sorry to see that the US culinary experience is seen to come down to hot dogs (why not hamburgers???), but this is a tasty collection anyway.

Cool Street Art from UK

Great moddings on Weston-super-Mare by JPS, one of its inhabitants.
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