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Japanese Shadow Puppet Guide from 1840

Want to shadow puppet vintage Japanese style?

Vintage Cutaway Illustrations of How Different Industries Work

These vintage cutaways show you how everything was made a while back.

Amazing Vintage Illustrations of Mountain Vegetation

So interesting to see layers and patches of mountain vegetation like that.

Cutaway Illustrations of Vintage Airplanes

A glimpse into vintage flights.

Vintage 1951 Booklet on How to Use the Telephone

Not sure which way to hold the receiver? Want to know proper etiquette when taking a message? This manual has got you covered.

Weird Kafka-Style Anatomies and Metamorphoses

I'm so moved by this art.

Lifting and Spanking Machine

Build your butty!

Types of Home Steam Baths on Amazing Vintage Infographic

I need a 'bain de vapor total' right now.

What Hitler Wants Us To Believe

Will he ever be gone for good?

Vintage Soviet Christmas Postcards

Season's greetings, earthlings.

New York City in 1971

New York almost 50 years ago (ouch).
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