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Genealogical Tree of Humanity

I knew you were all reptiles, earthlings.

The Mikiphone: Pocket Phonograph from 1926

Portable music from almost 100 years ago. No batteries needed!

History of Women’s Fashion Year By Year

The latest fashion of the past 200 years.

How Earth Gets Crumpled and Worn

How Planet Earth gets worn down.

A Great Collection of Hungarian Pocket Calendars from the 1960s

We used to trade in these when I was a child.

Why You Are Dutch

Being Dutch.

Los Angeles in the 1930s

As if I visited a different planet...

Girl’s Hair-Do Reveals Love Life

What would reveal a girl's love life today?

The Real Meaning of Hurricanes

The wrath of God or just a coincidence?

The Kiss of the Oceans

A very expensive kiss that was.

Victorian Couple Cannot Help Laughing When Having Their Picture Taken

Wow, apparently Victorians were humans too.