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Words Kill Wars

Before you kill someone, try to speak to them. May save (your) lives.

The Costs of American Wars

This 'War on Terror' business appears to be really profitable...

Hilarious War of Car Manufacturers

The funniest war we've seen recently.

Employees In Two Buildings Wage Deadly Post It War Against Each Other

It's a beautiful story but the ending is so sad...

‘Desert Storm’ Propelled by Syrian War

Stormed by war...

5,000 Years of Religion in 90 seconds

How we have conquered and killed in the name of God.

Soldiers’ Faces Before, During and After War

You can see it in their eyes.

Star Wars Propaganda Posters

These propaganda posters are proof that a new Star War is on the horizon.

Watch the Cyber War in Real Time (And Even in 3D)

The Cyber War continues while I’ve been released from the bodily prison of Christmas cakes.

Zippos from Vietnam

These Zippos were engraved by US soldiers with texts that are sometimes optimistic, but more often pessimistic as hell.

Hannibal’s Elephants of War

I didn't know they were on booze...
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