The Devil’s Shoes


Sculptor and artist Iris Schieferstein has been using dead animals for her works, which fetch up to £3,900 and have proved a hit with extreme dressers such as Lady Gaga. She said:

“Creating the shoes is ugly work, taking the meat out is not nice, like any taxidermy. When I began working with dead animals I would pick them up from the street. But they are protected by the government in Germany, and so after ten years they tried to put me in prison. Now I use my butcher.”

That’s creepy indeed but at least she only utilizes the by-product of humans slaughtering animals.

shoes-made-of-animals-2 shoes-made-of-animals-3 shoes-made-of-animals-4

shoes-made-of-animals-5 shoes-made-of-animals-6 shoes-made-of-animals-8 shoes-made-of-animals-10

via Daily Mail


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