The Fantasy World of Ants (Real Ants)


Yes, these are real ants and they are well trained. Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov spends hours setting up fairy tale scenes with them. He studied ants, and saw that they all follow a very specific path when they’re working. So he put his props on their trail, and photographed the insects interacting with his miniature ‘stage sets’.

ants-sewing_2160863kants-bridge_2160872k ants-chatting_2160869k ants-clock_2160868k ants-fishing_2160866k ants-forest_2160865k ants-kissing_2160864k ants-strawberry_2160862kyoungster_2160859k ant-strong-man_2160873k photographer_2160860kants_bye

Via The Telegraph


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