The Horrors of Commuting in Tokyo by Michael Wolf

In his series “Tokyo Compression” Tokyo-based German photographer Michael Wolf invites us to take a look at the torture chambers in which daily commuters in the Japanese capital are being punished on a daily basis.

“These people are squeezed against the back walls as more and more people are shoveled in,” he told CNN. “You’re living life as a sardine — it’s horrific. This is not a dignified way of living. It’s like looking into a ride in hell.”

via boredpanda


  1. Wolf’s photos of nameless faces pressed up against windows, their expressions frozen in visible discomfort, the glass around them wet with condensation, are snapshots of everyday commuter life for many of the city’s residents. Wolf says that he first took notice of the remarkably crowded subways back in 1995, after the infamous sarin gas attacks on Tokyo’s subway system. He then spent years going into the subway with his camera to capture people stuck in the claustrophobic nightmare of a commute.


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