The Power Mower of the Future (From the Past)

Wow, this lazy man’s power mower looks like it was straight out of the Jetsons. My wife will understand that I have to leap back in time to get one of these. We have a big garden and it’s springtime, so I’ll definitely spring in time. And you will too, if you read the specs below.

The 1957 Power Mower of the Future was equipped with plastic dome, air foam cushion seat, electric generator, running lights, radio, air conditioning, telephone and even a cooling system to provide a chilled drink on a hot day. It could be used for many purposes, such as mowing the lawn, weeding it, feeding it, seeding it, spraying for insects, plowing snow and hauling equipment. It could even be used as a golf cart.

AP Photo

This mower was featured on the 1958 cover of Mechanix Illustrated and was clearly well ahead of its time.

via Dallas News, Awesome Jelly