The Spice of Life


In 2006 the Academy of Sex and Relationships in London commissioned artist Jamie McCartney make a wall of casts of genitals and breasts, titled The Spice of Life. His intention was to demonstrate the variety of shapes and sizes, and included his own member amongst the 17 other men I had to cast for the project (it is the second one from the right in the top row – just joking:))

spice of life


This happened around the time when McCartney learned that labiaplasty, or the surgical reduction of the labia, is one of the fastest growing surgeries in the UK and the US. He thought: “I like labia! … This is fascism. This is the industries who are invested in making women feel shit about themselves.” He then spent five years creating his best-known work, Great Wall of Vagina, a 26-foot-long, self-funded sculpture of 400 plaster casts of female genitals.

wall-of-organs_3b wall-of-organs_4bwall-of-organs_7

wall-of-organs_5 (2)

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