The Trash of Budapest

The digital revolution – and the fact that you now go everywhere with a mobile phone in your hand, earthlings – has undoubtedly had its positive sides, but the digital littering of the Internet is definitely not one of them. That said, sometimes real pearls can be found in trash – in real trash. The members of the Trash of Pest Facebook group do exactly that: they record the trashy side of Budapest, Hungary’s capital, and come up with gems such as the ones below.

Photo (Left): Edvin – Photo (Right): Énok Langfeld / Trash Of Pest
Photo: Kevin Harald Campean / Trash Of Pest
Photo: Ildi Tomon / Trash Of Pest
Photo: Ildikó Hepp / Trash Of Pest
Photo: Mihály Hóbor / Trash Of Pest
Photo: Serko Szerecz / Trash Of Pest
Photo (Left): Óvatos Duhaj – Phot (Right) Zsófia Ihász / Trash Of Pest)
Photo: Dániel János Fodor / Trash Of Pest
Photo: Maria Mici Köhler / Trash Of Pest)
Photo (Left): Lili Nagy – Photo (Right): Nikolett Horváth / Trash Of Pest)
Photo: Anita Szabó / Trash Of Pest)
Photo (left): Brandon Krueger – Photo (Right): Nóra Fábián / Trash Of Pest)
Photo (Left): Sándor Richárd Fejes – Photo (Right): Vivien Csigó / Trash Of Pest)
‘Buts only’ Photo: Péter Ungár / Trash Of Pest
Photo: Bence Orosz / Trash Of Pest
Photo (Left): Dávid Farkas – Photo (Right): András Fugerth / Trash Of Pest)
Photo: Gergő Király / Trash Of Pest
Photo (Left): Daniel Bogdan Szőke – Photo (right): Gergeli Kinter / Trash Of Pest
Photo: Emil Chalhoub / Trash Of Pest
Photo: Peter Hfy / Trash Of Pest
Photo (Left): Dénes Oravecz – Photo (Right): Júlia Raczky / Trash Of Pest)
Photo: Richard Orosz / Trash Of Pest
Trash delivery. Photo: Adrián Fülöp / Trash Of Pest

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