The Ultimate Contortionist: World’s Most Flexible Girl


Julia Günthel, alias Zlata, from Kazakhstan is considered to be the world’s most flexible woman. You probably see why.

But just how flexible is she actually? Well, the Discovery Channel put her through an MRI machine and doctors found that her ligaments were ‘as flexible of those of an infant’. Wow.



  1. Julia Gunthel [Zlata],
    Is the most flexible Woman in the World. She is a lot more flexible, than Sofie Dossi.

  2. Do not judge a person. So they can do that just because one person can do it does not mean that they are better

  3. Anyone else search this up thinking it was gonna be Sophie Dossi?
    I think even Eliana and Lily are almost this flexible Anna probably same level and Sophie more flexible

  4. I agree. Sofie Dossi is probably as flexible as her. Sometimes i think Sophie is so much more flexible than her. I am flexible but nowhere near her level of it. I also think Anna McNulty is really flexible but probably not the most. Though I’ve never seen Sophie put her leg like that. Sophie might not be able to.

    • You are so right. I watch sofie dossi and she is amazing. I also ship dofie too. But literlally that girls bedt pose was the most Casual stretch that sofie dossi can do. So in conclusion, i think we can all agree that sofie dossi is the most flexible girl or possibly PERSON in the world. Love you sofie!


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