This Religious Theme Park in Argentina Is Definitely An Out-Of-This-World Experience

Enter Jesus’ land – translated into consumer society.

Photo: LaIda(H)

Somewhere in Buenos Aires, there exists a religious “Theme Park” called Tierra Santa, where you can walk the streets of Biblical Jerusalem, living step by step scenes from the life of Jesus as described in the Bible.

But is it really an out-of-this-world-experience? Yes, indeed. Like, you’re greeted by a mountain-sized Jesus rising out of a mountain, and then, a replica of the Wailing Wall, and groups of nuns hanging out, to end up in an animatronic re-creation of The Creation.

In Tierra Santa, you will mostly meet Christians, Jews, and Romans – apart from the visitors. And that 18 metres (59 ft) Jesus statute rises from behind a rock every hour, on the hour, a solemn religious experience for many visitors, but also provoking derision on the Internet as kitschy.

But the park also has statues of several 20th century historical figures such as Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa, so most of the Christian timeline is covered.

People entering Buenos Aires on a plane are probably unaware of what’s below them

Photo: LaIda(H)

Even though they are definitely looked up to

When you come on foot, you’re greeted by a giant statue of Jesus Christ

Photo: LaIda(H)

And then you go deeper into it all

Image credit: LaIda(H)

This deep, even

It all had to start from somewhere though

Photo: LaIda(H)

Yet it never seems to end

Pope John Paul II, somewhat confined. Photo: LaIda(H)

Come closer!

An unexpected friendship

Photo: LaIda(H)

Even from above, the park makes Buenos Aires look something different

In the end, it’s all very (sur)realistic

Photo: LaIda(H)

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